Relaxation massage

This form of massage is a smooth and pleasant style of general relaxation massage that promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tone. This improves the range of movement of various parts of the body. This is the Asian style massage that you will find at Marivic Beauty House.

Foot massage

With a foot massage, the feet first relax in a lukewarm warm foot bath. Then follows the massage that consists of rubbing, kneading and pressing on the reflex points of the foot. A foot massage includes scrub salt treatment.

This traditional massage relaxes and de-stresses the body by improving blood circulation, making you feel fitter and enjoying a better night’s sleep.

Neck massage

A neck massage can be given to release the tension in someone’s body. With these massages, you can also promote blood circulation outside an energy boost, reduce headaches and improve someone’s mood.

Full body massage

With a full body massage, the whole body is massaged for about 60 minutes. This is sufficient for a relaxation massage in general, but it may be that there are body parts, such as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck, which each require extra time. Here I can plan extra time for this.

Cupping Massage

What is cupping massage?

Cupping massage is a form of massage that originated in ancient China. In those days it was used for sucking out diseases and weaknesses in the body. Where in the old days it was performed with an animal horn, and in later times with bamboo cups, over the years the technology has been so refined that it is now done with glass or plastic bulbs. These bulbs suck the waste products towards the skin surface.

According to Chinese medicine, cupping improves blood circulation and transports waste products deeper into the body to the surface of the skin for disposal. Adhesions of the muscle tissue can be remedied in this way and the connective tissue often feels softer and smoother after treatment.

Where a normal massage works through compressive force, cupping does that through suction. Cupping can best be combined with a traditional massage. In my salon I only work with the dry cupping massage technique.

Fixed cupping massage

The cupping massage is performed with a fixed cup. This treatment can certainly feel somewhat sensitive in the beginning, but this will be less with a repeat treatment. It is also possible to work with a somewhat lower vacuum during the first treatment. The skin can discolour on the treated surface. This discoloration can be from light red to deep blue, and will normally disappear within a few days.

Moving cupping massage

For larger areas I use the moving cupping technique. This technique with bulbs with a silicone edge is slid over the body. This treatment is slightly less intensive and has the advantage that it does not cause discoloration of the skin surface.

Benefits of cupping massage

  • Get toxins out of the body
  • Can relieve pain with back and muscle pain
  • Relieves work in the event of the flu, cough and cold
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces visible cellulite in the skin.

Who is cupping not suitable for?

  • People with high blood pressure
  • People who use blood thinners
  • People with skin conditions
  • Pregnant women

Banana Leaf Massage (Filipino style)

Banana Leaf massage is a unique moment of relaxation. It is an authentic Filipino massage that focuses on ancient learned methods that are passed on through the wisdom of generations in Filipino culture. Warm coconut oil and banana leaves are placed over the body so that the healing hands of the masseur can find the areas of energy imbalance and blockages in your body more easily. During this massage you will find yourself in the middle of a tropical rainforest.

This Banana Leaf massage helps to remove negative energy and tension from the body. For example, the muscle pain decreases after a physical exertion after treatment by this form of massage.

Benefits of Banana Leaf Massage

  • Brings balance and harmony
  • Stresses the body
  • Improved blood circulation in the body
  • Gives a relaxed feeling
  • Reduces muscle pain

Hot stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is massage that is given with the help of Lava stones. A lava stone is a stone that is formed from liquid magma that is located in several layers deep under the earth’s crust. This magma is pushed to the surface and then comes out after a volcanic eruption, for example. The liquid magma that comes out of the earth’s crust is then called lava. This lava cools down and when it has solidified, we call this lava stone. After being polished, these stones are excellent for a Hot Stone massage. This is because their natural transformation from liquid magma to lava rock has given them a structure that allows them to retain the heat in the stone for a very long time.

This luxurious Hot Stone massage treatment is a deeper form of massage that uses soothing heat that the lava stones radiate. The heat that the stones radiate is used to open the blood vessels in the tight and tense muscles and all other organs to promote blood circulation. The heat lowers muscle tone and increases blood flow to the painful areas. An additional advantage is that waste removes materials that have accumulated here in order to be sweat out.

The Hot Stone massage allows the masseur to gain a much deeper access to the muscles with less effort than the traditional methods of massage. Due to the reduced tension in the muscles, you will immediately notice that your joints feel more flexible and comfortable.