Relaxation massage

This form of massage is a smooth and pleasant style of general relaxation massage that promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tone. This improves the range of movement of various parts of the body. This is the Asian style massage that you will find at Marivic Beauty House.

Foot massage

With a foot massage, the feet first relax in a lukewarm warm foot bath. Then follows the massage that consists of rubbing, kneading and pressing on the reflex points of the foot. A foot massage includes scrub salt treatment.

This traditional massage relaxes and de-stresses the body by improving blood circulation, making you feel fitter and enjoying a better night’s sleep.

Neck massage

A neck massage can be given to release the tension in someone’s body. With these massages, you can also promote blood circulation outside an energy boost, reduce headaches and improve someone’s mood.

Full body massage

With a full body massage, the whole body is massaged for about 60 minutes. This is sufficient for a relaxation massage in general, but it may be that there are body parts, such as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck, which each require extra time. Here I can plan extra time for this.