Gel Nails

Gel nails are becoming increasingly popular within the manicure. These so-called “Gel Polish Nails”, as it is called in English, are decisive for the natural preservation of the nails and the nail polish that is applied thereby remains at least a few weeks intact on the nail with a high gloss and a minimal chance of crack, skin or skin gel. In addition, this variant can also be applied in a variety of colors.

The gel nail is made up of three coatings, namely; the base coating, the color coating and for the gloss a final coating is applied last. After applying each coating, it should cure 2 to 3 minutes under a UV lamp. The gel nails remain in good condition for about 15 days. That is also about the time that you see the nails grow and need attention.


  • Keep the resistant nails intact
  • Stay in good condition for about 15 days
  • The gel coating remains intact longer because it is cured under a UV lamp